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Welcome to the list section of my webpage. Here you will find the list of all character types such as Scouts, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and many more. I will add to the ever growing types. The lists will be updated as new expansions are released. Feel free to email me if you would like to see a list of something special and I might just add that in.

UPDATED : 19 Aug 2001 (Tatooine)

Light Side List

 Dejarik's & Holograms (LS)
 Gamblers (LS)
 Information Broker (LS)
 Leaders (LS)
 Musician (LS)
 Scout (LS)
 Smugglers (LS)
 Spy (LS)
 Thief (LS)

 Hidden Base Systems

Dark Side List

 Dejarik's & Holograms (DS)
 Gamblers (DS)
 Information Broker (DS)
 Leader (DS)
 Musician (DS)
 Scout (DS)
 Senator (DS)
 Smuggler (DS)
 Spy (DS)
 Thief (DS)

 Bounty Hunters
 ISB Agents
 Tax Collector

Keys :

R = Rebel
I = Imperial
A = Alien
D = Droid
J = Jedi Re = Republic M = Maul

P = Pilot
W = Warrior
PW = Permanet Weapon
 DP = Droids with Presence

P = Premier   NH = New Hope  
H = Hoth   D = Dagobah  
CC = Cloud City   JP = Jabba's Palace  
SE = Special Edition   E = Endor  
DS2 = Death Star II   T = Tatooine  
C = Coruscant TP = Theed Palace

includes the following:
Premier 2 Player - P2P
Hoth 2 Player - H2P
Rebel Leader - RL
Jedi Pack - JeP
Official Tournamnet Sealed Deck - OTSD
Jabba's Palace Sealded Deck - JPOTSD
3rd Anthology - 3A
Enhanced Premier Packs - EPP
Enhanced Jabba's Palace - EJP
Enhanced Cloud City - ECC
Reflections 2 - R2

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